Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Traveling the canals of Seshar

The Nightmare Switch

South of the Steadfast and outside the Beyond you live in a small town on the borders of Seshar. When your Aeon Priests were asked for help, you were hired out as ship hands and protectors to Deymish, the captain of the boat. He needs to get medicine to the mining town of Redstone located out along the network. Sheared canals, known as the network, dividing the land of Seshar is the main means of travel throughout these lands via watercraft. Help get these needed supplies to Redstone


The Planet Express Delivery Company is ready to assist.

Traveling the canals of Seshar

Look at that, you have a group name already.

The one image you posted is a Monte Cook Games image but it is from The Strange. Another Cypher System Game. Those figures are from Ardeyn, Earth and Ruk.

Traveling the canals of Seshar

Not sure if its a group name? Just the Company I represent. :)

The Strange cool good to know.

Traveling the canals of Seshar

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