Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Numenera Session Update 1-5-16

Ending the Dream

You gain some experience points for the previous session after discovering the dome and following the Margr. Now that you have defeated the Margr, you heard the Aneen and search their camp. Finding more remains that look as though they have been eaten and two more robes familiar to Aeon Priests, you deduce that the Aeon Priests from Redstone have been killed and eaten. Besides finding packs near the Aneen you also find a few cyphers around the camp including a cylinder that Skubb recognizes from his dream of the dome. So with goggles, a glass rod, a liquid and a doll you head back towards the dome without rest.

Once at the dome you use a cypher to enter and Skubb places the Numenera device into the open space. Searching the interior of the dome, but making sure you do not damage anything, you find more cyphers. A detonation cypher, a headband, an oddity and an artifact that offers experience points for its discovery. Deciding to rest here, you leave the Aneen outside and gain the benefit of a night’s sleep. In the morning you exit the dome to find several Blood Barms, including young ones near the dome and Aneen. Startling them you enter combat. Chomp tries to use the newly gained artifact but his attempt falls short. These creatures are covered with blood sacks that burst when forced against a surface which brings another young Blood Barm to the world and into combat. After you defeat them, you mount up and head back across the desert towards Redstone.


The journey to Redstone is uneventful and as you approach you can see movement about the town. Workers are out in the quarry and as you get closer you see a woman near the quarry so you stop to speak to her. She is Gillis Vehm, sister to the mayor Corl Vehm. She tells of the end of the nightmares and things seem to be getting back to normal. The quarry is back to full operations and the towns people have rested. She is not quite sure what to believe when you tell her you brought about the end to the horrible dream.

Moving further into town you find numerous people in the market so you join them. The mayor is there along with townsfolk, you start telling your tail of discovery, death and triumph to all as Deymish makes his way into the market. The reaction you get when they learn their Aeon Priests are all dead is unnerving but as Deymish tells that you reported to him you found the tower empty and set off to find the priests, the reality sets in. Corl asks Deymish to report to his Aeon Peists that Redstone needs new Preists to take the place of the fallen. A celebration had already broken out to mark the end of the dreams and it now turns into a party to celebrate your group. Food and drinks flow and all seem happy.

Using your experience points you each gain advancement towards your next teir. A day or so passes and Deymish tells you he is ready to head back.So you leave the Aneen behind and pack up and board the ship. Deymish has the ability to travel quickly through these canals and you find a journey lasting a couple of days brings you all the way back to Guran. Yes, Guran, the place of baubles. This is your home port, to say. A small town located at the southern extent of the Back Riage mountains. The older part of town is surrounded by a hedge with orchards and pond all along the river Ech. The opposite side of the river the town has grown where more homes have been constructed. Farms scatter the perimeter of the town all around. You gather up a few of the baubles that emit light which has made the town somewhat known in the area. There is a mine that digs up these baubles, but they seem to appear anywhere at times. You check out Flyte’s Armor & More store as well as other supply stores. You discover a statue in the middle of town without a head. You find it is referred to as She. Deymish makes for the Aeon Preist’s Clave to report the needs of Redstone. One of the Aeon Preists named Mylian is the town leader and you seek an audience him. He welcomes you and after he discovers you are adventuring types, offers a task of checking out the strange happenings north of town. Up in the farming lands into the foothills of the Back Riage and hour or more north of town, a large metal dome has appeared as soil has shifted. It has the farmers concerned and rumors are telling of monsters and dangers. So you decided to head that way to investigate.


Using a cypher to know the topography for 50 miles around, you know a ruin lies far to the northwest, the Black Riage has its southern roots starting just a few miles north with rivers and farms covering the area. You also see the large dome to the north, this is your destination. You travel north and come to the uncovered dome and find it to be more than 500 feet long and 200 feet wide. The surface is made of metal and synth covered with knobs, smooth seams and elements that resemble hinges. Trying to pull or open any part of this surface has not effect. You search the perimeter and find numerous small holes throughout the dome but one you find is large enough to enter at 4-5 feet across. You ready yourselves and move on into the darkness before you. Odors of chemicals and rot emerge from the hole while the tunnel makes its way for 100 feet of synth walls that are translucent and soft to step upon. The material gives slightly as you walk. Lights and colors can be seen off in the distance below you as you move. It finally opens into a dark room that feels very large. Your lights do not reach any other wall as you peer out. The floor is made of the same material but it has a grid pattern to it. Moving out into the room you find it to be hundreds of feet across and half that in height. Searching the room you find no exit. After a while the floor opens up beneath Skubb as he falls into darkness. Steel Spiders emerge and attack the group. Once the spiders are defeated, you make your way down this sharply sloped shaft and find yourselves in another large chamber but this floor is marshy and damp, almost like mud. The lights you had seen above are here dimly illuminating the room. The room is filled with plant life both small and large as well as insects flying about and small creatures scurrying around. Attempts to catch these creatures fails as you search around. You do find a door that looks like a large panel on the wall. You can slide it open by pushing to find another room smaller than the others. This triangular room is filled with and lit by gooey globs stuck to the floors, walls and instrument panels. Brambles cannot resist to grab and cover himself with these sticky balls. He is now covered with them as he emits a low level light from them. Check out the panels, some destroyed but some produce cyphers and Skubb finds. A set of strange steps leads down. Each step is 3 feet tall and has a cascade of water trickling down them.

Making your way down these slippery steps leads to another room filled with water. Is seems to be 5-6 feet deep as you hear faint voices speaking out. As you look you see people in the water but you can only see their heads. One voice in particular says, “Take me to she”. As you examine further, a large creature with multiple tentacles raises from the water with heads on the end f the tentacles and attacks you. This is a level 5 creature and brings on a tough fight. Cyphers are used along with attacks to bring the creature down. But not before the two huge pincers it has knock Chomp down the damage track. You are victorious as Chomp frees the head of the woman who he heard say, ”Take me to she”.




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