Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Numenera Session Update 1-19-16

The Voil Chasm

Several months have passed as the group has made its way north to the lands of Malevich. Surviving in the city of Stirthal which lies on, and within, The Voil Chasm where mining and trade keep the city alive. This 25 mile wide and unknown miles deep scar in the Earth is an awesome spectacle. Power struggles between those interested in power is well and alive here in Stithal as in most larger urban areas.

We find out after waking at Yardrid’s Boarding House that Chomp has made contact with a one of these powerful figures who we find is in need of hired adventure seekers to find and return a desired artifact that generates power. We gather equipment for a journey and meet with this Quanan. He offers a good amount of shins with an advance for us to take on this quest. We are to meet a guide at Ravensroost who will get us down the chasm which is where we will seek out this artifact. Quana gives us a numenera device that when closer, will help us locate this artifact. We enjoy some Oosqi whiskey before we set out the next day.

Making our way outside of Stirthal and partly down into the chasm to the building we are to meet our guide. The building is locked up tight with but a single door. Chomp climbs onto the roof and finds a grate he manages to get open. He crawls in and down a long horizontal vent that makes its way across the building and opens down a shaft where Chomp discovers a survivor of an attack hidden away in a side room. As the door to this room is being beaten upon, Chomp using his tools helps the trapped person open the grate on this end of the shaft and assists in getting him up into the venting. The door breaks open as the two quickly crawl back to the roof access. Those outside hear trouble and are yelling for Chomp who yells back he is in trouble. Rock along with Celestia and Skubb break open the front door and enter the chaos.


As the three move into the structure, Chomp and his rescued Griggs, get back onto the roof and climb down only to have Griggs get hurt by the bad fall. Celestia using a cypher levitates and moves in along the ceiling while Rock strolls in looking for a fight. Skubb waits patiently by the door watching for danger. A Chirog moves in to attack as Rock uses a cypher that causes fear in the creature that makes it runs out of the building. Another Chirog attacks Celestia as the one that had followed Chomp through the vents exits and attacks Griggs. Battle leans in the groups favor as the Chirogs fall but only after a poor move on Rocks part causes the feared Chirog to re-enter the melee for a round but it is banished down the chasm.

Some healing and talking to Griggs tells us of these creatures entering from the deep shaft located in another room and how they killed workers and damaged the numenera here including the (3) lowering discs that provided easy access to the Voil Chasm. Time is taken to repair the elevator discs but not before Skubb triggers the one he is sent at an accelerated speed downward into the shaft. We repair the other (2) discs and lower ourselves down in hopes that Skubb is alright.

Once down our 8 or 9 mile vertical path, popping our ears numerous times, we find Skubb safe as Chomp activates his numemera device to try to locate this artifact we seek. We make our way out into the bottom of this enormous canyon to find a river running along it. Warm and damp this area is with fungus and plant life as we can look upwards to the sky far above. We make a raft out of a the plant life and rope and travel east down the river as the direction of the artifact is indicated. We stop to rest along the shore when darkness arrives. The next day we travel further and as time passes we come to a place where the current is starting to pick up. Making our way to shore again, Chomp climbs up a bit to get a better view ahead and sees a large waterfall. We make out way closer and leave the raft behind. As we reach the vast drop off of the falls, we see we need to climb down several hundred feet. This is not a difficult task for most but it is for Rock as he falls. Landing hard he is reduced to 1 Might point as we are attacked…



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