Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Numenera Session Update 2-9-16

Further into the Chasm

Lying at the bottom of the 500 foot deep cliff, Rocky looks up at the remaining party members continuing to descend the cliff face. Then a number of Broken Hounds appeared and moved into attack. With Rocky on his back and right in the line of the hounds, The Professor drops a cypher that explodes in a radius hitting numerous Broken Hounds and then creates a freeze blast at the which causes cold damage and freezes an area of the river along the pathway below.


As we wade into battle, The Professor stays up on the cliff face attacking from there as Chomp takes a lesson from Rocky and falls to canyon floor in a hurry. More than a dozen hounds move into melee, some slipping on the ice on the river causing them to fall down. Rocky though low on strength and one move down the damage track from his fall, holds his own with his high armor class. Groups attack as one and cause larger damage as we knock them out one by one. The battle rages for rounds and they begin to weaken and fall, more appear from holes in the ground some distance away as a much larger version climbs to the surface. This mother type looks as if it has been altered by the dreaded Iron Wind giving it a boney build and 2 tentacles it can reach out with. The battle rages on as more cypher are depleted and weapons are swung. Once all the hounds are defeated the small group searches the 2 underground lairs we found finding cyphers and artifacts. A mephitic staff has a crystal uptop that can create an area of fumes that cause coughing and choking. Also 25 hound eggs are recovered with another power source detector identical to the one we have I found. At the base of the waterfall is a deep trench some 50’ or so deep where we search and find a body clad in armor which has a white ceramic sword and a backpack. Also finding a swampy mix at a low place nearby where fungus grows, Chomp is able to create some full healing doses that bring us back to strength.

Being fully healed, we decided to move on into the night down the river valley. Some 45 miles still sits between us and the power source we seek. Moving several hours we come to a terrain difference where the blackened stone valley bottom opens up to a wider more barren plain. Creatures can be seen “floating” about the air as air coral, squids, 3 eyed fish and other water type creatures make their way through the air. We hope the night traveling will mean we see less of them and we move out in search of a more protected place to camp. We come across numerous water pools as we make out way. Being night we can only see a short distance but find no place to rest for hours. As dawn approaches our vision improves and we can make out ruined structures (or what could have been structures) on the horizon. An almost destruced look to the environment we are now in leaves a creepy feeling around the area. What appears to be the only structure being intact we have come across is where we head. A squared off building with a flat roof containing 8 drain holes at each of its 8 sided rooftop leading intot eh structure and not out. A Locked double door is the only feature on its base. A small opening revels an extremely slow breathing sound from within. Our glow globes do not illuminate enough to see within. Rocky takes out the front door and we enter the structure.

We find ourselves ”face” to face with a huge sponge like creature positioned in the center of this large single room structure. It is sitting within numenera type machines below it and around the room but has long tentacles it can reach out with. Chomp moves closer to see it react so he approaches slowly and allows the one of the flailing tentacles to touch his forehead. When he connects he is downloaded with information on the creature and this area. Eons ago, aliens came down and with some massive burning ball of incredible heat, melted this huge valley into the earth. It also destroyed an entire city that stood here except for this structure. This sponge creature has survived across time here knowing it is the last of its race, waiting to die. The moisture feeding lines have enabled it to survive here within while the outside melted away. It sends a message to Chomp that it wishes to die so when we are completed communicating with it, we disconnect it from the numenera and feeds and allow it to fall limp. It will die slowly and it dries up. Once its final wishes are granted, we search the place.

Rocky rips open a metal door on the floor that leads to stairs going down. We decided to follow them. A numenera device we found that registers radiation alerts us of radiation once we are deep down into the underground shaft. Risking to go further, we get to a point where the radiation overwhelms us and we take altering damage and quickly return to the structure above. Rocky now has a crusty ear that decreases his hearing ability by one step. We rest.

End of the next day we march for 10 hours and come to a mammoth wall of trash. As we realize the valley we came through was once a huge city and we didi not see much of any evidence of it, it was because all the loose trash has been gathered here. It must stretch for miles in each direction and stand hundreds of feet high. The stench of refues is strong and as we look we see numerous opening of different dimensions covering this wall. We move close to one near ground level and peer within. The openings open and close at some unknown rate. Our power source detector indicated the device we seek is within a few miles of us. Where do we go next…



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