Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Numenera Session 12-29-15

The Nightmare Switch

Somehow you all ended up in the town of Guran in the southern region Seshar in The Beyond. Your Aeon priests sent you out with Deymish as guard and delivery of needed medication to Redstone, a quarry town along the canal network that is experiencing a serious health issue. Deymish tells you of some grand adventures he has had from the Cloudcrystal Skyfields to mysterious monoliths to incredible finds within the Black Riage.



As you travel the canals, making your way to Redstone within the 50’ tall canal walls, you find more treacherous areas than others to navigate. But Deymish seems to have the experience to traverse these in a safe fashion. As you near Redstone you can see the docks within the port to be empty of other vessels. This being a town known for its red brick trade, if no ships are using the port to transport the bricks, no income will be available to the townsfolk.


As you dock, you notice a few people who seem a bit out of it. A look in their eyes seems to be distant, like they have been drinking all night. Deymish has you quickly run the (2) crates of medicine up to the Clave’s tower of the Aeon Priests at the peak of the rise out of the canal. The city sits on a long slope running from the water’s edge up to the crest of the rise. Numerous buildings are scattered about from the dock area all the way up to some very nice looking structures. Stores, taverns, homes and inns litter this small town all leading up the Aeon Priest Tower standing at the highest point. Beyond the slope leads out into the desert, the quarry of red stone lies a short distance away from the town.

You make for the tower and find a 40’ tall 20’ diameter conical roofed red stone tower within a 10’ high red stone wall surrounding it. A closed metal gate has a guard posted on the southwest edge. Once there you speak to the guard Hataniah and find out the priests are not available. You can see within the wall and notice a beautiful hedge running the perimeter of the wall with a lush green grassy area from the hedge to the tower itself. Many different types of plants, some you recognize and some you do not. You speak to Hataniah and find out that the town is suffering from a nightmare found when you attempt to sleep. One so chaotic and disturbing, that it cannot merely be explained in words. This has been going on for a couple weeks leaving the townsfolk tattered and broken mentally leading a few to suicide. You find most people are near delirious and short tempered. Hataniah understands that you are here to help but tells you to come back later to deliver your medicine. You ask if there is anyone you could speak to that is in charge, and she directs you to the home of Corl Vehm.

You seek out the home up the rise of Corl and knock upon his door. When he answers you find a large overweight balding man greeting you. He does not have much more to offer for answers and stresses that the Aeon Priests are te honly ones capable of using the medicine you have brought. He thanks you for bringing it and begs you get it to the priests. You go check out a tavern and find more people along the way that are lying in the street, some being cared for by others. But most seem very edgy and distraught. You speak briefly to the barkeep and barmaid at the tavern and get some food.

You return to the gate later to find the priests are still unavailable. You decided to come back closer to evening and wait to decide what to do if they are still not admitting. When you do return, a young man named Dal now stands guard. You find him easily bribed when you offer some coin for him to turn away. You pay the man and climb Brambles to get over the wall. Dropping down inside, you make your way along the wall to the opening near the gate which leads to the path to the tower. As you more towards the tower, a green burst of energy flashes as you get closer affecting Tanasia falls unconscious for 1 minute. More move forward activating the green blast again which you overcome. Celestia uses her Numenera skills to search for clues. She realizes there is a control panel near the gate that may be helpful. As Tanasia awakes, she moves to across the grassy lawn and into the shrubs and fails a defensive task against poison within the shrubs and is wracked with searing pain. This pain makes has her treat all tasks as 3 levels higher than normal for a duration. The mechanism by the gate is a level 6 difficulty but you succeed in deactivating the energy field.

Once to the tower you find the metal door locked. Chomp rolls a 1 in the attempt to unlock the door and breaks his lock pick in the lock. Celestia gives it a try and rolls a 19 and not only gets the broken pick out but unlocks the door. Within the tower’s first floor you find a control panel on the wall, a light panel in the ceiling, crates on the floor and a staircase leading up. A Numenera check from Celestia leads to finding a panel in the floor. Checking the control panel on the wall allows control of the lights, defense field outside and a secret panel in the floor containing 100 shins. The crates contain blankets, clothes and food goods.

Moving to the second floor you find the laboratory for the clave. You can see experiments being done involving chemicals and mechanical devices and other strange things. It appears no one has been here for some time. Searching you find notes about trying to find a cure for this plague upon the town. You scavenge (3) cyphers from the room. A level 4 powder when consumed restores 1d6+2 Speed, a level (3) liquid that resists poison and disease (2) levels lower for 28 hours and a level (5) tube that will put the imbiber to sleep for 1 hour.

Up the stairs to the third level brings you to the living quarters of the clave. (3) beds are found here along with half eaten food and drink. Searching the area you find a journal written over the past few weeks by the Aeon priest name Xarmun. It tells of their failed attempts at curing the plague. The last entry mentions Brogan having convinced Xarmun that the dream plague are transmitions from somewhere and they should go investigate the Faceted Dome to the northwest to see if anything is amiss. It seems that the full days journey was agreed upon by the Aeon priests but to not tell the townsfolk as they may think they were abandoning Redstone.

Setting off into the desert towards the northwest you go. Stopping a couple hours out to rest as it is now the middle of the night. Not long after sleep is reached, all are awakened by the nightmarish dream told to you by the people of Redstone. Skubb awakes with a different dream than the rest, he dreamt of a silver faceted structure out in the desert where he flew right through the crystal wall to find himself with in. It was filled with machinery and one particular spot had a panel removed and a Numenera cylinder was lying on the floor before it. This cylinder needed to be aligned with the sun and placed into the space inside the dome. You all decide to keep moving as sleep will not be fulfilling. Marching all night you use a cipher to help locate the dome and make for it. Approaching the 20’ tall 130’ wide dome you circle around this crystal structure and find evidence of a struggle outside the dome. Blood and remains as well as numerous tracks can be seen. Using a cypher you enter the dome to find a cool damp atmosphere within with a ring of green potted plants running the inner perimeter of the dome. The hum and sounds of machinery are around you as is a maze of machinery. Checking the Numenera you locate the spot Skubb dreamed of that has tools and parts lying on the floor before an open panel in the machinery exposing an empty cylindrical space within that obviously something gets plugged in. Skubb recognizes this view before him and knows there is a piece of Numenera missing.

Back outside the dome you view numerous tracks leading away from the dome. Using a cypher you view Margr and their Aneen pack animals moving away from you a great distance away. You move out to catch up with these goat creatures and find out what became of the Aeon priests and their investigation of the dome. By nightfall you are approaching the camp of the Margr. There is a fire burning in the center of camp with the Aneen corralled beyond. You set a plan, ready you cyphers and move in on the Margr. Sickening some, trapping some and attacking the rest, you overcome them and find the remains of the priests that have been eaten.





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