Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Numenera 5-24-17 post

Reminder of where we left off. Gus-Gus heard rumors of a temple located south of Quent where worshippers would once visit to be “remade in god’s image”. The temple lies at the end of a rocky peninsula and is surrounded by a radioactive mushroom forest. The party had just started exploring the forest when they heard a disturbing bestial noise. If I remember the plan was to check out this temple on the way to the slaver settlement of Bilgewater Hold to the south. From there the plans proposed were…

1) Hijack a slaver ship and head to Jailbird Rock in an attempt to free the slaves there and raise an army. 2) Gus-Gus dreams of “uniting the clans” and laying waste to the slaver enclaves around the bay.

3) Travel to Ascension for more information on where to find the remaining components needed to repair the Chronosphere.



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