Numenera-Ninth World Adventures

Beyond the Crystal Tower
Images of Valley Destination

Here is what you see after stepping into the arch…

Numenera 5-24-17 post

Reminder of where we left off. Gus-Gus heard rumors of a temple located south of Quent where worshippers would once visit to be “remade in god’s image”. The temple lies at the end of a rocky peninsula and is surrounded by a radioactive mushroom forest. The party had just started exploring the forest when they heard a disturbing bestial noise. If I remember the plan was to check out this temple on the way to the slaver settlement of Bilgewater Hold to the south. From there the plans proposed were…

1) Hijack a slaver ship and head to Jailbird Rock in an attempt to free the slaves there and raise an army. 2) Gus-Gus dreams of “uniting the clans” and laying waste to the slaver enclaves around the bay.

3) Travel to Ascension for more information on where to find the remaining components needed to repair the Chronosphere.

Numenera Session #6 Update

In the last session the party made their way through the lower level of the ancient warship only to find that the “power source” they have been seeking was in fact a young woman from an age long past. She was being held in a stasis chamber and connected to the ship via a cybernetic implant in her brain. Using his ability to speak with machines, The Professor sent his consciousness along the neural link and awoke the woman from her torpor. After determining that the being was not a threat, and in fact wished only for her freedom, the party released her from stasis.

After regaining her composure the woman introduced herself as Sariya, the Esper of Light. She seemed very much out of time and place and it soon became clear that she must have been trapped aboard the ship for at least several millennia. After some time spent conversing with Sariya the party learned that her kind possess powerful psionic powers and were once worshipped by a race of humans called the Kala, who believed the Espers to be mortal avatars of their gods. At some point in their history the Kala created bio-mechanical creatures called the Oorgolians to serve them as soldiers and laborers. In time the Oorgolians gained sentience and free will and revolted against the Kala, enslaving the Espers and harnessing their latent psychic energy to power their engines of destruction, such as the warship.


Her tale now told, Sariya requests the aid of the party in taking her somewhere where she can began the search for others of her kind. After some deliberation the party decides to renege on their contract with Quanon and escort the Esper to Qi, the capital city of Draolis and home to the Order of Truth and the Amber Pope, Durranet VI. They make plans to sneak their way out of the chasm using the lifts to Stirthal and then cut west towards Qi. The journey back takes them through the tidal ruins where they are set upon by a pack of bloodthirsty Chirog in the dead of night. A fierce battle ensues with the party narrowly defeating the abhumans, though The Professor nearly loses his life in the process.


Unfortunately, the party is barely able to catch their breath before a new threat revealed itself. Bright lights suddenly illuminated the area around the ruins as a strange flying ship bearing the Pytharon Imperial flag came into view. At the bow of the ship stood a strong red-haired woman in the unmistakable golden armor of an Imperial Centurion. She called upon “Quanon’s little errand boys” to “drop their weapons and surrender themselves and the Esper to the Empire”.


Numenera Session Update 2-9-16
Further into the Chasm

Lying at the bottom of the 500 foot deep cliff, Rocky looks up at the remaining party members continuing to descend the cliff face. Then a number of Broken Hounds appeared and moved into attack. With Rocky on his back and right in the line of the hounds, The Professor drops a cypher that explodes in a radius hitting numerous Broken Hounds and then creates a freeze blast at the which causes cold damage and freezes an area of the river along the pathway below.


As we wade into battle, The Professor stays up on the cliff face attacking from there as Chomp takes a lesson from Rocky and falls to canyon floor in a hurry. More than a dozen hounds move into melee, some slipping on the ice on the river causing them to fall down. Rocky though low on strength and one move down the damage track from his fall, holds his own with his high armor class. Groups attack as one and cause larger damage as we knock them out one by one. The battle rages for rounds and they begin to weaken and fall, more appear from holes in the ground some distance away as a much larger version climbs to the surface. This mother type looks as if it has been altered by the dreaded Iron Wind giving it a boney build and 2 tentacles it can reach out with. The battle rages on as more cypher are depleted and weapons are swung. Once all the hounds are defeated the small group searches the 2 underground lairs we found finding cyphers and artifacts. A mephitic staff has a crystal uptop that can create an area of fumes that cause coughing and choking. Also 25 hound eggs are recovered with another power source detector identical to the one we have I found. At the base of the waterfall is a deep trench some 50’ or so deep where we search and find a body clad in armor which has a white ceramic sword and a backpack. Also finding a swampy mix at a low place nearby where fungus grows, Chomp is able to create some full healing doses that bring us back to strength.

Being fully healed, we decided to move on into the night down the river valley. Some 45 miles still sits between us and the power source we seek. Moving several hours we come to a terrain difference where the blackened stone valley bottom opens up to a wider more barren plain. Creatures can be seen “floating” about the air as air coral, squids, 3 eyed fish and other water type creatures make their way through the air. We hope the night traveling will mean we see less of them and we move out in search of a more protected place to camp. We come across numerous water pools as we make out way. Being night we can only see a short distance but find no place to rest for hours. As dawn approaches our vision improves and we can make out ruined structures (or what could have been structures) on the horizon. An almost destruced look to the environment we are now in leaves a creepy feeling around the area. What appears to be the only structure being intact we have come across is where we head. A squared off building with a flat roof containing 8 drain holes at each of its 8 sided rooftop leading intot eh structure and not out. A Locked double door is the only feature on its base. A small opening revels an extremely slow breathing sound from within. Our glow globes do not illuminate enough to see within. Rocky takes out the front door and we enter the structure.

We find ourselves ”face” to face with a huge sponge like creature positioned in the center of this large single room structure. It is sitting within numenera type machines below it and around the room but has long tentacles it can reach out with. Chomp moves closer to see it react so he approaches slowly and allows the one of the flailing tentacles to touch his forehead. When he connects he is downloaded with information on the creature and this area. Eons ago, aliens came down and with some massive burning ball of incredible heat, melted this huge valley into the earth. It also destroyed an entire city that stood here except for this structure. This sponge creature has survived across time here knowing it is the last of its race, waiting to die. The moisture feeding lines have enabled it to survive here within while the outside melted away. It sends a message to Chomp that it wishes to die so when we are completed communicating with it, we disconnect it from the numenera and feeds and allow it to fall limp. It will die slowly and it dries up. Once its final wishes are granted, we search the place.

Rocky rips open a metal door on the floor that leads to stairs going down. We decided to follow them. A numenera device we found that registers radiation alerts us of radiation once we are deep down into the underground shaft. Risking to go further, we get to a point where the radiation overwhelms us and we take altering damage and quickly return to the structure above. Rocky now has a crusty ear that decreases his hearing ability by one step. We rest.

End of the next day we march for 10 hours and come to a mammoth wall of trash. As we realize the valley we came through was once a huge city and we didi not see much of any evidence of it, it was because all the loose trash has been gathered here. It must stretch for miles in each direction and stand hundreds of feet high. The stench of refues is strong and as we look we see numerous opening of different dimensions covering this wall. We move close to one near ground level and peer within. The openings open and close at some unknown rate. Our power source detector indicated the device we seek is within a few miles of us. Where do we go next…

Numenera Session Update 1-19-16
The Voil Chasm

Several months have passed as the group has made its way north to the lands of Malevich. Surviving in the city of Stirthal which lies on, and within, The Voil Chasm where mining and trade keep the city alive. This 25 mile wide and unknown miles deep scar in the Earth is an awesome spectacle. Power struggles between those interested in power is well and alive here in Stithal as in most larger urban areas.

We find out after waking at Yardrid’s Boarding House that Chomp has made contact with a one of these powerful figures who we find is in need of hired adventure seekers to find and return a desired artifact that generates power. We gather equipment for a journey and meet with this Quanan. He offers a good amount of shins with an advance for us to take on this quest. We are to meet a guide at Ravensroost who will get us down the chasm which is where we will seek out this artifact. Quana gives us a numenera device that when closer, will help us locate this artifact. We enjoy some Oosqi whiskey before we set out the next day.

Making our way outside of Stirthal and partly down into the chasm to the building we are to meet our guide. The building is locked up tight with but a single door. Chomp climbs onto the roof and finds a grate he manages to get open. He crawls in and down a long horizontal vent that makes its way across the building and opens down a shaft where Chomp discovers a survivor of an attack hidden away in a side room. As the door to this room is being beaten upon, Chomp using his tools helps the trapped person open the grate on this end of the shaft and assists in getting him up into the venting. The door breaks open as the two quickly crawl back to the roof access. Those outside hear trouble and are yelling for Chomp who yells back he is in trouble. Rock along with Celestia and Skubb break open the front door and enter the chaos.


As the three move into the structure, Chomp and his rescued Griggs, get back onto the roof and climb down only to have Griggs get hurt by the bad fall. Celestia using a cypher levitates and moves in along the ceiling while Rock strolls in looking for a fight. Skubb waits patiently by the door watching for danger. A Chirog moves in to attack as Rock uses a cypher that causes fear in the creature that makes it runs out of the building. Another Chirog attacks Celestia as the one that had followed Chomp through the vents exits and attacks Griggs. Battle leans in the groups favor as the Chirogs fall but only after a poor move on Rocks part causes the feared Chirog to re-enter the melee for a round but it is banished down the chasm.

Some healing and talking to Griggs tells us of these creatures entering from the deep shaft located in another room and how they killed workers and damaged the numenera here including the (3) lowering discs that provided easy access to the Voil Chasm. Time is taken to repair the elevator discs but not before Skubb triggers the one he is sent at an accelerated speed downward into the shaft. We repair the other (2) discs and lower ourselves down in hopes that Skubb is alright.

Once down our 8 or 9 mile vertical path, popping our ears numerous times, we find Skubb safe as Chomp activates his numemera device to try to locate this artifact we seek. We make our way out into the bottom of this enormous canyon to find a river running along it. Warm and damp this area is with fungus and plant life as we can look upwards to the sky far above. We make a raft out of a the plant life and rope and travel east down the river as the direction of the artifact is indicated. We stop to rest along the shore when darkness arrives. The next day we travel further and as time passes we come to a place where the current is starting to pick up. Making our way to shore again, Chomp climbs up a bit to get a better view ahead and sees a large waterfall. We make out way closer and leave the raft behind. As we reach the vast drop off of the falls, we see we need to climb down several hundred feet. This is not a difficult task for most but it is for Rock as he falls. Landing hard he is reduced to 1 Might point as we are attacked…

Numenera Session Update 1-5-16
Ending the Dream

You gain some experience points for the previous session after discovering the dome and following the Margr. Now that you have defeated the Margr, you heard the Aneen and search their camp. Finding more remains that look as though they have been eaten and two more robes familiar to Aeon Priests, you deduce that the Aeon Priests from Redstone have been killed and eaten. Besides finding packs near the Aneen you also find a few cyphers around the camp including a cylinder that Skubb recognizes from his dream of the dome. So with goggles, a glass rod, a liquid and a doll you head back towards the dome without rest.

Once at the dome you use a cypher to enter and Skubb places the Numenera device into the open space. Searching the interior of the dome, but making sure you do not damage anything, you find more cyphers. A detonation cypher, a headband, an oddity and an artifact that offers experience points for its discovery. Deciding to rest here, you leave the Aneen outside and gain the benefit of a night’s sleep. In the morning you exit the dome to find several Blood Barms, including young ones near the dome and Aneen. Startling them you enter combat. Chomp tries to use the newly gained artifact but his attempt falls short. These creatures are covered with blood sacks that burst when forced against a surface which brings another young Blood Barm to the world and into combat. After you defeat them, you mount up and head back across the desert towards Redstone.


The journey to Redstone is uneventful and as you approach you can see movement about the town. Workers are out in the quarry and as you get closer you see a woman near the quarry so you stop to speak to her. She is Gillis Vehm, sister to the mayor Corl Vehm. She tells of the end of the nightmares and things seem to be getting back to normal. The quarry is back to full operations and the towns people have rested. She is not quite sure what to believe when you tell her you brought about the end to the horrible dream.

Moving further into town you find numerous people in the market so you join them. The mayor is there along with townsfolk, you start telling your tail of discovery, death and triumph to all as Deymish makes his way into the market. The reaction you get when they learn their Aeon Priests are all dead is unnerving but as Deymish tells that you reported to him you found the tower empty and set off to find the priests, the reality sets in. Corl asks Deymish to report to his Aeon Peists that Redstone needs new Preists to take the place of the fallen. A celebration had already broken out to mark the end of the dreams and it now turns into a party to celebrate your group. Food and drinks flow and all seem happy.

Using your experience points you each gain advancement towards your next teir. A day or so passes and Deymish tells you he is ready to head back.So you leave the Aneen behind and pack up and board the ship. Deymish has the ability to travel quickly through these canals and you find a journey lasting a couple of days brings you all the way back to Guran. Yes, Guran, the place of baubles. This is your home port, to say. A small town located at the southern extent of the Back Riage mountains. The older part of town is surrounded by a hedge with orchards and pond all along the river Ech. The opposite side of the river the town has grown where more homes have been constructed. Farms scatter the perimeter of the town all around. You gather up a few of the baubles that emit light which has made the town somewhat known in the area. There is a mine that digs up these baubles, but they seem to appear anywhere at times. You check out Flyte’s Armor & More store as well as other supply stores. You discover a statue in the middle of town without a head. You find it is referred to as She. Deymish makes for the Aeon Preist’s Clave to report the needs of Redstone. One of the Aeon Preists named Mylian is the town leader and you seek an audience him. He welcomes you and after he discovers you are adventuring types, offers a task of checking out the strange happenings north of town. Up in the farming lands into the foothills of the Back Riage and hour or more north of town, a large metal dome has appeared as soil has shifted. It has the farmers concerned and rumors are telling of monsters and dangers. So you decided to head that way to investigate.


Using a cypher to know the topography for 50 miles around, you know a ruin lies far to the northwest, the Black Riage has its southern roots starting just a few miles north with rivers and farms covering the area. You also see the large dome to the north, this is your destination. You travel north and come to the uncovered dome and find it to be more than 500 feet long and 200 feet wide. The surface is made of metal and synth covered with knobs, smooth seams and elements that resemble hinges. Trying to pull or open any part of this surface has not effect. You search the perimeter and find numerous small holes throughout the dome but one you find is large enough to enter at 4-5 feet across. You ready yourselves and move on into the darkness before you. Odors of chemicals and rot emerge from the hole while the tunnel makes its way for 100 feet of synth walls that are translucent and soft to step upon. The material gives slightly as you walk. Lights and colors can be seen off in the distance below you as you move. It finally opens into a dark room that feels very large. Your lights do not reach any other wall as you peer out. The floor is made of the same material but it has a grid pattern to it. Moving out into the room you find it to be hundreds of feet across and half that in height. Searching the room you find no exit. After a while the floor opens up beneath Skubb as he falls into darkness. Steel Spiders emerge and attack the group. Once the spiders are defeated, you make your way down this sharply sloped shaft and find yourselves in another large chamber but this floor is marshy and damp, almost like mud. The lights you had seen above are here dimly illuminating the room. The room is filled with plant life both small and large as well as insects flying about and small creatures scurrying around. Attempts to catch these creatures fails as you search around. You do find a door that looks like a large panel on the wall. You can slide it open by pushing to find another room smaller than the others. This triangular room is filled with and lit by gooey globs stuck to the floors, walls and instrument panels. Brambles cannot resist to grab and cover himself with these sticky balls. He is now covered with them as he emits a low level light from them. Check out the panels, some destroyed but some produce cyphers and Skubb finds. A set of strange steps leads down. Each step is 3 feet tall and has a cascade of water trickling down them.

Making your way down these slippery steps leads to another room filled with water. Is seems to be 5-6 feet deep as you hear faint voices speaking out. As you look you see people in the water but you can only see their heads. One voice in particular says, “Take me to she”. As you examine further, a large creature with multiple tentacles raises from the water with heads on the end f the tentacles and attacks you. This is a level 5 creature and brings on a tough fight. Cyphers are used along with attacks to bring the creature down. But not before the two huge pincers it has knock Chomp down the damage track. You are victorious as Chomp frees the head of the woman who he heard say, ”Take me to she”.

Numenera Session 12-29-15
The Nightmare Switch

Somehow you all ended up in the town of Guran in the southern region Seshar in The Beyond. Your Aeon priests sent you out with Deymish as guard and delivery of needed medication to Redstone, a quarry town along the canal network that is experiencing a serious health issue. Deymish tells you of some grand adventures he has had from the Cloudcrystal Skyfields to mysterious monoliths to incredible finds within the Black Riage.



As you travel the canals, making your way to Redstone within the 50’ tall canal walls, you find more treacherous areas than others to navigate. But Deymish seems to have the experience to traverse these in a safe fashion. As you near Redstone you can see the docks within the port to be empty of other vessels. This being a town known for its red brick trade, if no ships are using the port to transport the bricks, no income will be available to the townsfolk.


As you dock, you notice a few people who seem a bit out of it. A look in their eyes seems to be distant, like they have been drinking all night. Deymish has you quickly run the (2) crates of medicine up to the Clave’s tower of the Aeon Priests at the peak of the rise out of the canal. The city sits on a long slope running from the water’s edge up to the crest of the rise. Numerous buildings are scattered about from the dock area all the way up to some very nice looking structures. Stores, taverns, homes and inns litter this small town all leading up the Aeon Priest Tower standing at the highest point. Beyond the slope leads out into the desert, the quarry of red stone lies a short distance away from the town.

You make for the tower and find a 40’ tall 20’ diameter conical roofed red stone tower within a 10’ high red stone wall surrounding it. A closed metal gate has a guard posted on the southwest edge. Once there you speak to the guard Hataniah and find out the priests are not available. You can see within the wall and notice a beautiful hedge running the perimeter of the wall with a lush green grassy area from the hedge to the tower itself. Many different types of plants, some you recognize and some you do not. You speak to Hataniah and find out that the town is suffering from a nightmare found when you attempt to sleep. One so chaotic and disturbing, that it cannot merely be explained in words. This has been going on for a couple weeks leaving the townsfolk tattered and broken mentally leading a few to suicide. You find most people are near delirious and short tempered. Hataniah understands that you are here to help but tells you to come back later to deliver your medicine. You ask if there is anyone you could speak to that is in charge, and she directs you to the home of Corl Vehm.

You seek out the home up the rise of Corl and knock upon his door. When he answers you find a large overweight balding man greeting you. He does not have much more to offer for answers and stresses that the Aeon Priests are te honly ones capable of using the medicine you have brought. He thanks you for bringing it and begs you get it to the priests. You go check out a tavern and find more people along the way that are lying in the street, some being cared for by others. But most seem very edgy and distraught. You speak briefly to the barkeep and barmaid at the tavern and get some food.

You return to the gate later to find the priests are still unavailable. You decided to come back closer to evening and wait to decide what to do if they are still not admitting. When you do return, a young man named Dal now stands guard. You find him easily bribed when you offer some coin for him to turn away. You pay the man and climb Brambles to get over the wall. Dropping down inside, you make your way along the wall to the opening near the gate which leads to the path to the tower. As you more towards the tower, a green burst of energy flashes as you get closer affecting Tanasia falls unconscious for 1 minute. More move forward activating the green blast again which you overcome. Celestia uses her Numenera skills to search for clues. She realizes there is a control panel near the gate that may be helpful. As Tanasia awakes, she moves to across the grassy lawn and into the shrubs and fails a defensive task against poison within the shrubs and is wracked with searing pain. This pain makes has her treat all tasks as 3 levels higher than normal for a duration. The mechanism by the gate is a level 6 difficulty but you succeed in deactivating the energy field.

Once to the tower you find the metal door locked. Chomp rolls a 1 in the attempt to unlock the door and breaks his lock pick in the lock. Celestia gives it a try and rolls a 19 and not only gets the broken pick out but unlocks the door. Within the tower’s first floor you find a control panel on the wall, a light panel in the ceiling, crates on the floor and a staircase leading up. A Numenera check from Celestia leads to finding a panel in the floor. Checking the control panel on the wall allows control of the lights, defense field outside and a secret panel in the floor containing 100 shins. The crates contain blankets, clothes and food goods.

Moving to the second floor you find the laboratory for the clave. You can see experiments being done involving chemicals and mechanical devices and other strange things. It appears no one has been here for some time. Searching you find notes about trying to find a cure for this plague upon the town. You scavenge (3) cyphers from the room. A level 4 powder when consumed restores 1d6+2 Speed, a level (3) liquid that resists poison and disease (2) levels lower for 28 hours and a level (5) tube that will put the imbiber to sleep for 1 hour.

Up the stairs to the third level brings you to the living quarters of the clave. (3) beds are found here along with half eaten food and drink. Searching the area you find a journal written over the past few weeks by the Aeon priest name Xarmun. It tells of their failed attempts at curing the plague. The last entry mentions Brogan having convinced Xarmun that the dream plague are transmitions from somewhere and they should go investigate the Faceted Dome to the northwest to see if anything is amiss. It seems that the full days journey was agreed upon by the Aeon priests but to not tell the townsfolk as they may think they were abandoning Redstone.

Setting off into the desert towards the northwest you go. Stopping a couple hours out to rest as it is now the middle of the night. Not long after sleep is reached, all are awakened by the nightmarish dream told to you by the people of Redstone. Skubb awakes with a different dream than the rest, he dreamt of a silver faceted structure out in the desert where he flew right through the crystal wall to find himself with in. It was filled with machinery and one particular spot had a panel removed and a Numenera cylinder was lying on the floor before it. This cylinder needed to be aligned with the sun and placed into the space inside the dome. You all decide to keep moving as sleep will not be fulfilling. Marching all night you use a cipher to help locate the dome and make for it. Approaching the 20’ tall 130’ wide dome you circle around this crystal structure and find evidence of a struggle outside the dome. Blood and remains as well as numerous tracks can be seen. Using a cypher you enter the dome to find a cool damp atmosphere within with a ring of green potted plants running the inner perimeter of the dome. The hum and sounds of machinery are around you as is a maze of machinery. Checking the Numenera you locate the spot Skubb dreamed of that has tools and parts lying on the floor before an open panel in the machinery exposing an empty cylindrical space within that obviously something gets plugged in. Skubb recognizes this view before him and knows there is a piece of Numenera missing.

Back outside the dome you view numerous tracks leading away from the dome. Using a cypher you view Margr and their Aneen pack animals moving away from you a great distance away. You move out to catch up with these goat creatures and find out what became of the Aeon priests and their investigation of the dome. By nightfall you are approaching the camp of the Margr. There is a fire burning in the center of camp with the Aneen corralled beyond. You set a plan, ready you cyphers and move in on the Margr. Sickening some, trapping some and attacking the rest, you overcome them and find the remains of the priests that have been eaten.



Traveling the canals of Seshar
The Nightmare Switch

South of the Steadfast and outside the Beyond you live in a small town on the borders of Seshar. When your Aeon Priests were asked for help, you were hired out as ship hands and protectors to Deymish, the captain of the boat. He needs to get medicine to the mining town of Redstone located out along the network. Sheared canals, known as the network, dividing the land of Seshar is the main means of travel throughout these lands via watercraft. Help get these needed supplies to Redstone


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